Saturday, January 21, 2012

Officially ADDICTED!

That's right, I can admit it. I have a problem. I am addicted to Pintrest. I just can't get enough! It is so full of inspiration for all the things I love and now I can sort of organize it onto a board of awesomeness! I use to cut pictures out of magazines of things I wanted or was inspired by, but now I can just add it to my boards!  I have found myself dreaming about being a cake decorator, or owning my own event planning business where I can use all this crafty inspiration to throw the best holiday parties, birthdays, and weddings. I'm such a dreamer!  For now, I'm just working on slowly reorganizing my craft room to make it more inviting and inspiring to make me want to do more crafts. Of course there is that little thing called money that I guess I would need more of to make my room into the ultimate craft paradise, but who says a girl can't dream? Well, back to organizing I go. Check out my boards over at pintrest. I think they are pretty darn cool!

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