Friday, February 24, 2012

Looonnnngggg Week!

It's been a very long week here in PA for me; and not a great one.  The weather has been warmer than usual, but I still feel cold. It's damp and raining and just ugly outside today. I can't wait for warm weather. (to me, warm means around 75!) I have been suffering from these horrible headaches, maybe they are migraines, I don't really know. My head just pounds, feels kind of dizzy, and makes me nauseous.  It makes doing anything like housework painful. I'm wondering if maybe I need glasses.  We bought a new computer and finally have it all set up, but the size of the screen is driving my eyes crazy.  I can't wait until we finally have insurance (my husband just got a new job = no insurance for 90 days) so I can get my head checked out! LOL! That sounds kind of funny!

Besides these crazy headaches, the brakes are now shot on our Tiburon making it unsafe to drive.  We are looking to sell it and buy a newer truck for my husband, so we don't want to put any money into it. My husband had to borrow his brothers vehicle to drive to and from work. Just another hassle.

On top of all that, our Durango left me stranded at the Turkey Hill on Wednesday a few miles from our house. I dropped my 4 yo off at preschool and my 19 mo and I went to get gas. On our way there, smoke starts coming out from under the hood and the "check gauges" light on the dash comes on. When I get to  the gas station, the guy working there is out smoking a cigarette and comes over to the truck shaking his head and says, "you better pop the hood." When he finally figured out how to open the hood  and the huge cloud of smoke cleared, we see the hose (?) coming from the radiator has come off and is leaking antifreeze everywhere. At this point I know I'm not getting home anytime soon. I went inside the store with my son and tried to find my husband's work place phone number in the phone book. No luck, I can't find it. And to think I just asked him a few days before to give me the phone number for the paint shop he works in in case of an emergency.  Luckily, I knew my aunt's cell number and she came to my rescue.  I need to buy a cell phone! I then parked the truck in the adjacent parking lot hoping it wouldn't be towed for parking it there.  My husband and a friend of his, who is a mechanic, fixed the truck last night, but my 4 yo had to miss school yesterday because I didn't have a vehicle to get him there.  Anyway, everything seems fine with it now and I'm glad this week it finally over.

A few good things:  I just won a $25 amazon gift card from  Talk Disney! Not sure yet what I am going to buy with it yet, but whatever I decide to buy is going to be my birthday present to myself!  Maybe a scrap book kit or some new shoes! Another good thing: Keystone Scraps is having a blog train today! Have to go check that out.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. Hopefully  I can get to the craft store this weekend so I can finally try out some of the crafts I have drooling over from pinterest!  Happy Friday!!

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