Sunday, April 29, 2012

My daughter's first softball game

Today my daughter, Avery, played her very first softball game AND  it was her Daddy's first game as a coach for little girl's softball. He has played and coached men's softball for years, but he made his debut today for his daughter's team. I couldn't be more proud of both of them. She is only 8, so the coach (her Daddy!) pitched to his team and the girls could only take one base at a time. The rules for this age are a little questionable if you ask me. They don't keep score, either. There are only 7 girls on his team and they all did great, though.  Every one of them hit the ball and fielded great. Today was their "Opening Day Event". It was a bit chaotic, and not because of his coaching. The league itself is just sooo unorganized. There are three  8 and under teams in her school district and all three teams took turns playing the field and batting DURING THE SAME GAME. It was the dumbest idea ever. Our whole family was there and we had no idea what was going on. It was nuts. They were also suppose to have an announcer calling the batters names...they didn't. The lady running the league wasn't even there.  One of the girls got hit with a ball when she didn't catch it and WE HAVE NO MEDICAL KIT! I told my husband I'm going to send the chick who is running everything an email. This type of unorganization is what turns kids away from sports. Our family is a a "softball family." Besides myself and my husband, my father -in -law, brother -in- law, and my sister-in-law all played or still play softball, so my daughter has big things to live up to!! She even has her uncle's number! So besides all the chaos, we all had fun.  Any of you have kids in sports where the league itself just makes you want to scream? Feel free to share you stories!

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