Monday, January 2, 2017

MOC 5 at the Lilypad

 With the closing of Gotta Pixel, I decided to give another store a try and stumbled across the MOC 5 at the Lilypad. A lot of my favorite designers have been there since the closing of Scrap Orchard a while back, but I haven't really been active in the forum there. MOC 5 is a month long challenge where you need to complete 31 challenges; one for each day of January, and in the end you will get a $20 store reward! Can't beat that. So despite the fact that I only have a few kits that qualify for the challenge (they need to be in the store currently), I'm going to go ahead and give it my best!  Here are my first two pages...

January 1: Brought to you by the letter....I chose D for Disney!
The image is linked for full credits! 

Journaling Reads: 
Disney has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. The first movie I saw in a movie theatre was Aristocats. The first time I was really sick--with the chicken pox--I stayed home with my grandmother and watched Mary Poppins. My Dad took my brother and I to Disney World the first time when I was 10--I LOVED it! Fast forward 13 years to
when I first started buying clothes for my own first child, I had to include some Disney themed items. Her first rattle was a Disney Pooh Bear and her first stuffy was a Tigger with a rattle inside. We took my daughter to WDW when she was 2; and then 6 years and 2 more kids later, we were a family of 5 having a blast at the Happiest Place on Earth! We all love the movies, books, dolls, figurines, and all the magic that Disney merchandise brings. We love it all--from Marvel to the princesses, to Pixar, to Star Wars. Disney has always been a big part of my life and it always will be!

 January 2: 2016 Year in Review
Again, image is linked for full credits in the Lilypad gallery.

Journaling Reads:
Twenty-sixteen was a busy & fun year for the Goshert Family. In January we went to see the new Star Wars movie and record low temps dumped almost 3 feet of snow. February brought record cold temps & pretty flowers for Valentine's Day. In March, I turned 36 and Avery turned 12! Easter came in April with lots of goodies from the Easter Bunny.We finally got the kids' pictures taken for Spring. Baseball & softball kept us busy in the Spring & early Summer months. Daddy fell & sprained his foot causing him to miss work for a month. Avery was in the Lion King Jr. play at school. The Summer months we spent working in the garden & we hatched and released at least a dozen butterflies. Collin turned 9 and Austin 6. We spent many nights roasting marshmallows & chatting by the fire. We had a wonderful vacation to the Outer Banks in late Summer. Austin started 1st grade, Collin 4th, and Avery 7th. We went trick or treating through town with friends for Halloween. Daddy turned 37. Before we knew it, it was Christmas morning and there were cameras, a bike, and legos under the tree! Cheers to hoping 2017 brings health & happiness to all of us!

Well that's it for today!

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