Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easter Decorating

Here are the pictures I promised from my Easter decorating:

Close -up of Egg Wreath I made!

Wreath I made from the steering wheel cover my hubby replaced from his new truck (I thought the shape and size was perfect for a wreath!) wrapped in peach and green ribbon from Michaels, eggs from Wal-mart,and Easter grass

Wreath I made with feather boa from Michael's and ribbon, wreath form,and glitter eggs from Dollar Tree

Fireplace decorations. Glitter eggs and Easter trees from Dollar tree

A tradition at our house: decorating the weeping cherry with eggs!

Easter basket from Goodwill $.97, Glitter eggs from Dollar Tree, added some tulips and Easter grass

Corner shelf with stuffed animals 

My new gardening tools!

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