Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Busy, busy!

The weather has been so nice here and I am so glad Spring has finally arrived...I hate everything about cold, Winter weather. This weekend was very interesting at my house. After coming home from a quick trip to Lowes, my daughter felt sick to her stomach and ended up in the bathroom for most of the next two days. I felt so bad for her since there really is nothing she can take for vomiting. In the middle of the night, my son got sick too and he is finally better now. Thanks goodness! I ended up doing 4 loads of wash from them getting sick.  After that miserable 36 hours, the weather was so nice, my husband and I were able to finish digging up the veggie garden and have it all rototilled. We got rid of a lot of brush and trimmed the trees and hedges. This time of year the wheels start turning in my head and I have all kinds of ideas for the gardens outside!  I also finally had a chance to do some serious window's amazing how much better vinegar and water work to clean windows than any cleaner you can buy! My windows are streak free and so clean. I love simple, home made things that work so well!

I had the pleasure of watching my nephew this evening. He is such a cutie. He is going to turn 1 this weekend already. My youngest son is only 22 months old and he kept calling him a "baby" and kept trying to pick him up even though he weighs less than my nephew.  I had my hands full with 4 kids tonight, though!

I also finally learned how to make a QP the right way thanks to this easy tutorial found here

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