Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baby sat my nephew today!

I watched my nephew, Tristen today for the first time. He is the sweetest little boy. He was so content playing with my two boys he really didn't need me much. He has the cutest smile with little dimples. He is 10months and getting ready to walk on his own. He was pushing around my son Austin's dinosaur walker and laughing at himself he was so excited. Children are such a joy. Needless to say, I was too busy playing today to get much house work done!! I did manage to clean the kids playroom, but it never stays that way long!

I've been dying to make a run to the craft store for some cardboard or wooden letters and some pretty paper to make this craft. I repinned it on Pintrest onto my "Ideas I Love" board. I repinned it from one of Martha Stewart's crafts sent in from one of her fans. I wish I knew who made it...it's so simple, yet I love it! Here is another easy, yet adorable one I want to make that I found from Pintrest. Have I mentioned how much I love that place?!!

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