Monday, June 11, 2012


My husband and I decided to have our sons' birthday party at Knoebels this year. We usually just have a family picnic in the back yard with picnic food and cake and ice cream, but honestly I am tired of doing the same old thing, and I know the kids are too.  We thought Knoebels would be perfect for our 5 and  2 year old boys to celebrate their birthdays. The weather was perfect and it wasn't even crowded. All 3 kids were so well behaved! We had  a great time; despite some family drama. I guess every family has their drama, but this girl has had her fill. I guess maybe I'm expecting too much. Maybe I should just stop trying to have certain family members be involved in our lives, when obviously their lack of attendance to anything shows how much they care. It just hurts. Maybe some of you can relate. I'd like to say I give up; but I will never stop hoping they take an interest in my kids' lives if not mine.  It just kills me that despite how much fun we have, I just can't let the hurt go.  Anyway, here are some pictures of our day at Knoebels! Luckily, my kids haven't really been too affected by the drama since they are so young.

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